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Divorce Basics | An Excerpt from Do It Yourself Divorce: Step-by-Step Guidance

Divorce Basics | An Excerpt from Do It Yourself Divorce: Step-by-Step Guidance

This e-book ("Divorce Basics"), is an excerpt from our book: Do It Yourself Divorce: Step-by-Step Guidance, which walks the reader through the steps necessary to handle his or her own divorce.


According to the Center for Disease Control, in 2000 there were about 41% fewer divorces than marriages and in 2018 there were about 37% fewer divorces than marriages. Also, it’s noteworthy that while the marriage rates in the United States have declined gradually over the past 18 years, so have the number of divorces and annulments. Nonetheless, nearly 800,000 Americans get divorced every year.


At the same time, courts are being challenged by a rising numbers of self-represented litigants, who are often not ready to present their cases.


Divorce Basics is an introduction to the book Do It Yourself Divorce: Step-by-Step Guidance that provides the reader with a well-rounded introduction into the topic of divorce in the United States. The specific topics covered in this excerpt include:


§ 1.01 ~ Legal v. Common-Law Marriage

§ 1.02 ~ Why does where I got married matter?

§ 1.03 ~ Annulment

§ 1.04 ~ Separate Maintenance or “Legal Separation”

§ 1.05 ~ No-Fault divorce states

§ 1.06 ~ Domestic violence

§ 1.06 ~ The Christian Perspective on Divorce


If you viewed our video Five Divorce FAQs and have a coupon, you will be asked for the coupon code at checkout.


Disclaimer: By downloading this e-book, you acknowledge that the information contained in this e-book is offered for educational purposes only and is not intended to substitute for legal advice. You understand that your purchase, download, and/or use of these materials is neither legal advice nor the practice of law, and that each form and any applicable instructions or guidance is not customized to your particular needs. Before undertaking self-representation, we urge you to consult with an attorney licensed to practice in your state.


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