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How is immigration beneficial to the United States?

Immigration and the status of current as well as possible immigrants has been a hot topic in the U.S for quite a long time now. The Democrats and the Republicans seem to be clearly divided in this matter, with the latter supporting construction of monstrous, 'gothic' walls, mass deportations, arrests and unethical separation of children from their families at U.S borders. Amidst all the tensions and controversies, looking at the positive aspects and the gains America has experienced due to the immigrants is also important. 

Ever since immigrants started entering the U.S, they have made efforts to integrate into the U.S society, they have tried to become 'American'. Today, foreign-borns continue their successful efforts in this direction. A large percentage of today's immigrant population in the U.S comprises of people who are able to work in various sectors in different industries which has enabled them to work for their betterment while contributing to the American society as well. 

Age dependency

A large number of people in the U.S are aging which is resulting in adverse figures of the age dependency ratio. The aging native population is increasing while there aren't as much workers in the U.S to extend support. The immigrants residing, flowing in and working in the United States pay taxes for the 'Social Security and Medicare' that helps in bringing the ratio towards the positive direction. 

Low-skilled and educated immigrants 

In the United States, it gets hard to find helpers for household chores-cleaning, washing, dusting, cooking, gardening and elderly & child-care services. Natives are expensive to hire which puts off many women, men and parents who then resort to not hiring household helpers. This in turn puts them under more stress-house and work-and affects their ability to achieve a work-life balance. However, the availability of cheaper, more affordable and accessible immigrant workers has made matters easier for them. Thus, women-especially those who are highly educated and hold important positions in organizations-are able to increase their working hours and contribute to the market, letting them work towards their maximum potential.

Moreover, other lowly skilled workers provide a number of companies in the Stated with the required skills which helps them in expanding. Expansions attracts investments in these existing organizations and also generates employment opportunities for the general public, complementing the native workforce. 

Educated immigrants

Highly educated immigrants are valuable assets to the U.S economy and contribute both directly and indirectly to it. They bring in new, innovative ideas and fuel entrepreneurship. In the year 2016, more than half of the companies, which totaled to a value of $1 million altogether, were founded by foreign-borns. Their innovative ideas and products help them in establishing and running their businesses. These startups create demand for workers which positively affects the employment rate. They also contribute to the GDP and have been observed to improve the per capita income in the U.S. What is considered to be significantly important for a country on its journey towards economic success? Advancements in technology and innovation; U.S has been attracting educated, business-minded and passionate immigrants from around the world and others are climbing their way up the ladder in U.S.  


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